These products are a must have for everybody.

Do not miss out on these quality devices as they might be all you need to get through this summer.

1. Cool Air: Say goodbye to uncomfortably hot weather and welcome cool air, a compact and functional personal cooler that keeps you comfortable all day long.

This fun and stylish device helps you stay refreshed for a long time in the hot summer. It is rechargeable and can be easily carried around. With just about 750ml of water, you can be certain to enjoy the comfort of coolness. Furthermore, it has a 900 wide angle vent and USB port to allow for charging. With its highly reliable technology, you are sure to enjoy fast cooling and efficient cooling cycle for a long period of time.

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2. MosquitoX Band: The MosquitoX Band is one-of-a-kind. It transmits ultrasonic sound that keeps mosquitoes at bay, with no side effect on humans.

It does not matter where you are spending your summer vacation. With the MosquitoX band, you are certain of staying free from mosquito bites and itches. The MosquitoX band is an ideal and effective mosquito repellant to keep mosquitoes away from your precious skin.

It is not just the best way to stay free from sicknesses and infections caused by mosquito bites, but it is also a beautiful fashion piece.

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3. Video DoorBell: this device connects to your phone or pc via Wi-Fi and lets you monitor the house even when you are away. An inbuilt alarm system will notify you when someone is at the door, or the doorbell is pressed.

This video DoorBell is another class of its own as it leads the pack in home security. With tons of awesome features at an affordable price, you can never go wrong adding this gadget to your list of must haves this summer.

It comes equipped with a motion sensor that promptly detects movements around your door. It also sends instant notifications to your connected smartphone.

The video doorbell records short videos and sends to your phone. Even at night, with the night vision, you can see who is knocking at your door before answering.

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4. ErgoRelax: this pillow helps you enjoy a good rest on-the-go. It is designed for everybody's maximum comfort.

Built for comfort and style. The ErgoRelax allows you to enjoy your rest and maintain a good posture throughout your day.

This pillow fits well and is molded to provide support for longer. Now, you can get sufficient sleep whether on your rides, on your long flights or at camping.

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5. FlexSafe: This secure piece of wonder allows you to keep your valuables in and unwanted hands out. It is made of anti-slash, RD ID and waterproof material, designed to keep you secure in the toughest terrains.

Think of FlexSafe as your mini vault. It helps you keep your phone, wallet, money, keys, cards and any other valuable items you have safe from pick-pockets and what’s not.

The advanced technology used to design it gives a guarantee of safety, with Radio Frequency ID blocking material to secure your digital assets, and luggage-grade material for an extra layer of durability. You can be sure to keep all your valuables in one place and secure with FlexSafe.

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6. Tatic Air Drone: enjoy the best of any view with this handy drone. It takes a clear aerial shot, and its dual camera can be used separately to take different shots.

Tatic Air Drone is super awesome and here’s why: it can capture HD videos and take 4096x3072 still photographs with its powerful dual camera lens. It also allows 90-degree adjustment of the pixels to give you the best views, shots and coverage for your concerts, festival and shows.

The app that comes with Tatic Air Drone is an all in one that combines control over the drone itself and its camera, connected over Wi-Fi. Theses amazing features come at a price that beats competitors hands down.

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7. Health Watch: this handy watch is all you need to stay fit and healthy. It has a sleek feel on the outside and a lot of functionality on the inside.

The health watch comes loaded with multiple functions to ensure you keep fit and look good. It is made of top quality materials and you are certain to enjoy using it for a long time. It helps you monitor your vitals, good in counting your steps, receives notification from your smartphone or other connected device.

It has sleep monitoring function, alarm clock, weather display function, sedentary reminder, calories count and a whole lot of features to sway you.

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8. Wi-Fi Ultraboost: The Wi-Fi Ultraboost helps to eliminate network lag around the house. It works seamlessly with any router to channel strong signal to all your connected devices.

This device was made specifically for those dead ends in your house and areas of poor network coverage. It repeats the signal from your internet router and helps you increase its range.

The Wi-Fi ultraboost is a reliable bridge in picking signals from Wi-FI and extends it to previously unreachable distances around your home. With our Wi-Fi Ultraboost, you can now enjoy non-stop streaming on Netflix or your favorite podcast. Stay connected for better with Wi-Fi Ultraboost.

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9. SoundPRO Sport: Bluetooth headset with class and style; the sturdy design and quality output make it ideal for workout sessions or hiking. Take your music with you and enjoy rhythm all day long.

The SoundPro Sport Bluetooth headset was designed to take your music experience to another level. The headset fits securely into your ears, connects to your phone with Bluetooth technology and can be worn while swimming, working out or when carrying out just any activity.

It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices and gives a stable transmission signal over the accepted 10m range. The comfortable feel in your ears and perfect sound clarity with unmatched quality is all yours this summer.

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10. BeerBubbler: bring out the party animal in you with the BeerBubbler. This device dispenses the foamiest and creamiest beer anytime. Now you don't need to spend a fortune to get a classy treat.

This one-touch ultrasonic beer dispenser is ideal for giving your beer the creamiest froth, just like you would get from a tap. It works with the battery and for almost any beer can size, at the push of a button, you get your favorite beer the exact way you love it.

It can work continuously for 30 minutes, making it ideal for use at your parties and get-togethers. It is quite compact and be carried around easily. Enjoy the great taste and sensation of your favorite beer brand from the comfort of your couch this summer with our BeerBubbler.

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11. AirBolt: undoubtedly one of the most genius ideas that fit into a pocket. AirBolt works with a smartphone app to keep your essentials secure without you worrying about losing your keys.

The best of electromechanical locks available in the market. Airbolt is another dimension to your security. It is built to respond to your smartphone app with a unique ID in an instant. Keeping your valuable secure and readily accessible to only authorized users.

It is durable, made from authentic materials and can be monitored with its tracking capabilities. You can control multiple AirBolts using one app, stepping up security for your properties in a unique way.

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12. SmartLight: control the ambience in your room with SmartLight, a beautiful way to light up your room from the comfort of your phone. Select your desired intensity, color and other configurations with a cool smartphone app.

Bring IoT to your home and surrounding with this smart light. It wirelessly connects with your phone to perform numerous interesting functions that would leave you marveled. With SmartLight, you do not have to go through the hassle of installing dimmer switches as the brightness can be controlled using your smartphone.

You are in control of the colors in your room with this bulb, and you can match it with your mood, needs or even the theme of your party. In addition, it can be set to change color with your music. With the option to set color temperature, you are also going to get better sleep. It does not stop there, you can set the color with more options than you can think of. Now you do not have to repaint the room ever so frequently. Furthermore, you can monitor your light from afar and cut down on energy costs by turning the bulb off at will, even when you are not at home. Think efficiency, think creativity, think SmartBulb.

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